HyperTerritory – Frictions of Distance

Since the time when humans were stalking animals in the bush all the way to Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon, footprints have been the proof of physical presence. This has change lately. Indeed, the installation HyperTerritory – Frictions of Distance is allowing people in the UK and Cambodia to simultaneously walk in each other’s […]

Humans Were Water

Interactive Art - Interactive Water Installation

Humans Were Water is an interactive water installation blending physical and digital water. It questions how the world’s digitalization reshapes Humans connection to the essence of things. It is a journey between cognition and sensation, a journey between knowing and feeling. https://vimeo.com/564556075 Description Aerial video footage of water locations, recolored according to Google Maps color […]


Green Decibels

Shout and reverse the temperature trend.Decibels you send add up with others’ as signatures.That’s what it does.A funny app against global warming. As long as your browser still supports Flash, click here to reach the app.

Samples of the Ghats

Samples of The Ghats

Samples of the Ghats is an interactive installation that invites its audience to re-create the ghats of Haridwar/India. Visitors re-compose its atmosphere by triggering locally collected audio and visual samples. This aims at exploring new forms of narrative. Description A 5 metres long structure framed with technology features a panorama of an ancient indian city. Intriguing, […]