Green Decibels

Shout and reverse the temperature trend.Decibels you send add up with others’ as signatures.That’s what it does.A funny app against global warming. As long as your browser still supports Flash, click here to reach the app.

Samples of the Ghats

Samples of The Ghats

Samples of the Ghats is an interactive installation that invites its audience to re-create the ghats of Haridwar/India. Visitors re-compose its atmosphere by triggering locally collected audio and visual samples. This aims at exploring new forms of narrative. Description A 5 metres long structure framed with technology features a panorama of an ancient indian city. Intriguing, […]



Atlantis is a webtrip that questions how ones’ perspectives might widden thanks to alien experiences. Three phases are proposed : The Mis Understanding : you tend to make sense of your local experiences through the prism of your own culture. It’s all funny and exotic! The Not Understanding : you realize that the canvas you’re […]

Route Paris-Almaty

Railways Station Project

Route Rennes-Almaty is a series of photos and sounds displaying atmospheres on the Road from Paris/France to Almaty/Kazakstan. Philippe Chollet · FrancePhilippe Chollet · Kazakhstan Description Photos after sounds, sounds after photos, from Paris/Montparnasse’s station where trains are fast but silent, to Altmaty where their wobbling metallic structure is cracking (check it out by rolling […]

Ti Mbe Ti Mbi

Reportage Musique

Ti Mbe Ti Mbi est un documentaire réalisé par l’Association Musique & Exploration. Le documentaire embarque le spectateur à la découverte de la République centrafricaine au travers de son incroyable diversité musicale. La diffusion du documentaire a aussi donné lieu à de nombreuses expositions où des instruments centrafricains ont été présentés au public. Le travail […]