Philippe Chollet Portfolio


Route Paris-Almaty

Route Rennes-Almaty is a series of photos and sounds displaying atmospheres on the Road from Paris/France to Almaty/Kazakstan.


Photos after sounds, sounds after photos, from Paris/Montparnasse’s station where trains are fast but silent, to Altmaty where their wobbling metallic structure is cracking (check it out by rolling over the buttons on the map).

This is a long jouney into the means of transportation between Western Europe and Central Asia.


Jean-Marc Forgeau and I did the road trip. We left France to Kazakstan where we then joined with Rozenn Chanvry and Aloua Tolkinbekova to do a couple of other things (music recording, report on the Ouigurs…) and then carried on to Pakistan (another story)…


The project and others related to the Kazak expedition were shown in the MIR (Maison Internationale Rennaise) in 1998 and 1999.